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We create thriving environments that inspire people to collaborate, and we invite you into our global networks of purposeful, empowering people. We also offer workshops and one-to-one mentoring, in our West of England home or around the world.

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If you don’t know where to start with a digital technology decision, we’ll support you to figure out what you need. If you’re not sure if you have the right technology in place, we’ll enable you to identify what’s working well and what could be improved. We empower employees to increase their capacity and understanding of digital tech and discover opportunities to change the world for the better.

Digital technology has the power to enhance our lives, and we create the communities to harness its potential and support society’s challenges.


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Latest from our blog

Digital tech for mental health

The relationship between technology and mental health is a true dichotomy.  Just as mental health issues are experienced uniquely, with no two experiences ever the same, so too the successful intervention of technology will be closely linked to individual thoughts,...

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100 Years of Women in STEM

Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day 2018, in a year which also marks 100 years since women in the UK gained the right to vote. As we continue to champion more women and greater diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics we’ve put...

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What I found and learnt at The Gathering

During The Gathering I came across a range of organisations, resources and events which may be useful to third sector organisations and those working with third sector organisations.  I've captured what I found in a short directory below and you'll find some...

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SCVO The Gathering

This week I attended The Gathering in Glasgow for the first time.  It’s my first time attending this free event, known as the largest free third sector event in the UK which gathers together organisations to showcase their work in the marketplace and attend workshops...

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The right to our identity

Did you know that we’re about to get many more rights to protect our privacy that could change the way we protect our identities forever?  You could almost see these rights as an invisible revolution as so many of us are unaware what the general data protection...

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Top tips: GDPR and data protection

On 5th December we held the final Tech for Good Bath meetup of 2017.  As we stand on the frontier of 2018 we thought we’d harness the energy and expertise of our Tech for Good Bath network to talk proactively about data protection and the importance of preparing for...

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Guest blog: Empowered to embrace GDPR

Following our GDPR and data protection Tech for Good Bath event this week B from BSH Partnerships shares how advice from experts leaves her feeling empowered to embrace GDPR.  I do not profess to know my HTTPS from my elbow, but my interest was piqued this week to...

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