The Dot Project supports organisations to achieve social impact through the use of technology. We connect the dots to strengthen the digital ecosystem, one step at a time.


In the digital world, where things move very quickly, establishing and maintaining connections ensures access to capabilities, resources and talent.

The Dot Project strengthens the connections between the enterprises, organisations and individuals through a digital ecosystem to contribute to maximum social impact:


  • We enable organisations to further increase their impact and purpose through -sustainable and responsible investments in technology
  • We build capacity internally and scale systems, outreach and growth
  • We mentor individuals to develop their not for profit, social enterprise and CSR ideas through a culture of innovation
  • We work with organisations to build their internal digital ecosystem and connect them to specialist expertise and build collaborative partnerships
  • We seek out and develop funding opportunities to support innovative initiatives
  • We build communities for Women in Tech and Tech for Good initiatives
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Building confidence


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Engaging expertise


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Sustainable approaches


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Connecting communities


Latest from our blog

Top tips: GDPR and data protection

On 5th December we held the final Tech for Good Bath meetup of 2017.  As we stand on the frontier of 2018 we thought we’d harness the energy and expertise of our Tech for Good Bath network to talk proactively about data protection and the importance of preparing for...

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Guest blog: Empowered to embrace GDPR

Following our GDPR and data protection Tech for Good Bath event this week B from BSH Partnerships shares how advice from experts leaves her feeling empowered to embrace GDPR.  I do not profess to know my HTTPS from my elbow, but my interest was piqued this week to...

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WebSummit 2017

The Dot Project is at WebSummit in the vibrant city of Lisbon this week.  WebSummit is known as the largest tech summit in the world with over 65,000 people flocking to the city to showcase the latest technology trends and products.  Earlier this year tickets went on...

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Why I need older women in technology roles

  After reading the latest article on diversity and ageism in technology by Jessica Bateman in the Guardian I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the importance of older women in the technology sector. I’m 31.  Older than the average age of staff in some tech...

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Design for all – make it your mantra

The theme for our second Tech for Good meetup in Bath on Tuesday 18th July was Design for all - technology for everyone, accessibility & user experience.  A topic we are particularly passionate about because we believe that through designing technology which is...

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