In just 3 years time, by 2020, the UK tech industry needs one million more tech workers.  That’s a lot of people.  Currently only 17% of tech workers in the UK are female and only one in ten females are taking A-levels in computer studies.  In order to ensure that our tech workforce in 2020 is more diverse, inclusive and fair something radical needs to happen.

The Tech Talent Charter is a commitment by organisations to deliver greater gender diversity in the UK tech workforce, and was supported in the government’s policy paper on the UK Digital Strategy in March 2017. Signatories fully acknowledge that diversity encompasses much more than gender, and while the majority of the charter principles and pledges are generically about diversity and inclusion, using the lens of gender allows for more focused action and tracking of impact.  The Tech Talent Charter moves away from simply talking about the issue to implementing positive action to ensure women play a significant role in the growing UK tech industry.

As part of the Bath Digital Festival Debbie Forster MBE, co-founder and CEO of the Tech Talent Charter and previously CEO of Apps for Good, will be facilitating ‘Gender diversity – Let’s do this!’ on the 19th October 10-12noon.  This event will engage champions of gender diversity and assemble organisations at a local level in open and honest discussion about how we can encourage greater gender diversity in the technology sector. It is an exciting opportunity to move the initiative beyond “Planet London” or a more generalised national approach and to focus on coordinated local action;  it offers a chance to genuinely “move the dial” on gender diversity in Bath and the southwest. As part of this event a participatory approach will be taken to engage the thoughts and ideas of the audience to build a proactive approach to improving gender diversity in businesses in Bath and beyond.

We have an outstanding set of panelists in place:

To join this event sign up here: Gender Diversity – let’s do this! and if you are not based locally to Bath, please follow us on Twitter #WomenInTechBath #BDF2017.  We’ll follow-up with news and updates post the event!