Our workshops are tailored to the needs of our audiences. We provide practical tools and approaches to support organisations to grow in their capacity to manage their digital approaches. We currently work in partnership with Voscur, SCVO and The University of Bath to deliver our workshops to a diverse audience of traditional companies and not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and charities. We can also tailor our workshops to deliver within an organisation.

Privacy by Design

This session is perfect for those who are focused on ensuring they are GDPR-compliant for the long term. During the session, we will introduce the basics of GDPR and demonstrate how you can establish a ‘privacy by design approach’ across your systems, teams and ways of working. The main outcome of this session is to support you to understand more about how you can be responsible for data management and build stronger relationships with your clients.

Social Business Canvas

A workshop to develop a business plan for social impact initiatives. In this session you will gain a deeper understanding of your audience needs and how to develop your initiative to respond to their needs. The social business canvas is a lean approach to building a social business model and defining an approach to communicate your initiative to a range of stakeholders.

Innovation Funding

This short workshop aims to demonstrate opportunities for funding, which support the financing of digital tools and technology to strengthen organisational processes. This workshop focuses on how to develop a strong funding proposal and how to decide whether a funding opportunity is right for you.

Understanding how your culture influences your digital approach

An introduction to how organisational culture can influence your digital ecosystem. This session explores how understanding your organisational culture can have a positive influence on how you manage your digital projects. Through this session you will learn techniques that build a positive and innovative culture and ensure your culture enables and supports your digital approach.

Empathy and active listening

In this session we look in detail at the role empathy plays in building successful digital tools and solutions. We introduce a number of tools and techniques that enable active listening to really understand what your audience – and your teams – need.

Building your confidence and engaging your audience on social media

This workshop explores how you can use social media to increase your voice and impact. We will cover a number of channels and focus on practical tips and tools to increase your confidence and engage your audience. We also cover how you can use your time and resources most efficiently. This session will enable you to create a proactive approach to your social media presence to empower you and your organisation.


We offer additional workshops alongside our advisers and trusted network of collaborators. Again, these can be tailored to the specific needs of an audience.


Investment readiness

This session is run in collaboration with Dan Shreeve workshop designed for those that require investment to expand their reach or improve the sustainability of their organisation. This workshop follows on from the social business canvas workshop to help you develop (or diligence) a detailed business plan, including the financial, operational and social impact models, to ensure you are ready to approach social or commercial investors.

The power of brand in achieving organisational success and delivering social impact

This session is run in collaboration with Pam Barbato to explore the power of ‘brand’ as a strategic tool to drive organisational success and social impact. Specifically we will outline how purposeful brands are developed, communicated and activated effectively. Through this session you will understand how brand can act as the ‘gel’ within an organisation, help shape or enhance culture, attract audiences and drive growth.