What we do

We are a women-led cooperative using a blended coaching approach to build relationships and human connections.  We grow communities and share initiatives, we surface ecosystems.  The Dot Project drives the use of technology to enable capacity and ultimately achieve impact.  We align an organisation in the same direction.  We are constantly building a diverse network of experts to connect organisations and individuals in order to strengthen digital processes, products and projects.

Our core areas of work

We enable you to maximise the impact of your organisation and increase the capacity of your teams by:

Understanding culture: Our unique blended approach will discover and analyse the needs of your organisation, your people and your target user groups.  This enables you to select a suitable technology approach which looks to build transparency, data for analysis and impact, organisational processes and most importantly enabling cultures to thrive through innovation and unpredicatable change.

Training and mentoring: We are skilled facilitators and mentors experienced in designing skills building workshops and business incubation coaching.  We offer bespoke training, team and one-on-one coaching and mentoring in digital skills and processes; social entrepreneurship and innovation.  Training and mentoring is an integral element for growing skills and empowering users, enabling the technology to do its very best from the outset of the project.

Ecosystem mapping: We bring people together and build relationships and human connections.  We build comprehensive insights into skills and individuals that have the capacity to support your needs.  You can draw on this knowledge as you define your technology approach.

Strategy: The foundation for a strong digital approach is ensuring technology is considered as a core element of your organisational strategy.  As no two organisations are the same we can facilitate the development and implementation of this strategy to enable a direction which suits your culture and vision.

Funding opportunties: We can support you to make investment decisions and sign-post you to  technology and innovation funding opportunities.  We can work alongside you through your application process and developing a partnership strategy to grow and scale your organisation.

Supporting social entrepreneurs and CSR initiatives: We work with start-up and early stage social entrepreneurs to mentor and guide them through the early stages.  This includes training on key areas of building a social enterprise with a specific focus on enabling innovation, creativity and taking a sustainable approach to integrating digital and technology into their initiatives.  We also support CSR initiatives in any organisation, and particularly champion involvement across driving momentum across Tech for Good and Women in Tech initiatives.

Events: We can support you to build highly curated events to surface ecosystems and bring like minded people and initiatives together.   

Our way of working

The Dot Project is committed to the Co-operative code and we agree to the 7 principles. We are at an early stage in our journey.  As we grow we will extend our reach and impact through a sustainable network of members. We place great emphasis on working collaboratively, positively and empathetically to get the best results for organisations and their teams.


Our experience

We work with a broad variety of clients from small organisations through to intermediary organisations, national government bodies and international development groups.  We are passionate about contributing to social impact initiatives and we are always interested in the opportunity to collaborate with small charities, social enterprises and voluntary-led organisations.