The Dot Project is about ethical implementation of technology.  We find the very best ways in which to embrace the opportunities digital can bring to you, your organisation, your initiatives, and for the greater good of society. We lead digital strategy through a human centred approach, building relationships and aligning people in the same direction.

What we do


Understanding culture: Our unique blended approach will discover and analyse the needs of your organisation, your people and your target user groups.  This enables you to select a suitable technology approach which looks to build transparency, data for analysis and impact, organisational processes and most importantly enabling cultures to thrive through innovation and unpredicatable change.

Training and mentoring: We are skilled facilitators and mentors experienced in designing skills building workshops and business incubation coaching.  We offer bespoke training, team and one-on-one coaching and mentoring in digital skills and processes; social entrepreneurship and innovation.  Training and mentoring is an integral element for growing skills and empowering users, enabling the technology to do its very best from the outset of the project.

System design and mapping: We bring people together and build relationships and human connections.  We build comprehensive insights into skills and individuals that have the capacity to support your needs.  You can draw on this knowledge as you define your technology approach.

Strategy: The foundation for a strong digital approach is ensuring technology is considered as a core element of your organisational strategy.  As no two organisations are the same we can facilitate the development and implementation of this strategy to enable a direction which suits your culture and vision.

Funding opportunties: We can support you to make investment decisions and sign-post you to  technology and innovation funding opportunities.  We can work alongside you through your application process and developing a partnership strategy to grow and scale your organisation.

Supporting social entrepreneurs and corporate social responsibility initiatives: We work with start-up and early stage social entrepreneurs to mentor and guide them through the early stages.  This includes training on key areas of building a social enterprise with a specific focus on enabling innovation, creativity and taking a sustainable approach to integrating digital and technology into their initiatives.  We also support corporate social responsibility initiatives in any organisation, and particularly champion involvement across driving momentum across Tech for Good and Women in Tech initiatives.

Events: We build highly curated events to surface ecosystems and bring like minded people and initiatives together.

The Dot Project is committed to the Co-operative code and we agree to the 7 principles.We place great emphasis on working collaboratively, positively and empathetically to get the best results for organisations and their teams.  As we grow we will extend our reach and impact through a sustainable network of members.

Case studies

We work with a broad variety of clients from small organisations through to intermediary organisations, national government bodies and international development groups.  We are passionate about contributing to social impact initiatives and we are always interested in the opportunity to collaborate with small charities, social enterprises and voluntary-led organisations.

Coaching & mentoring

The Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme

The Dot Project mentors early stage social entrepreneurs supporting them to develop and adapt their ideas and build sustainable business models. This programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), provides business support to social entrepreneurs in the west of England area; Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.  The programme is project managed by the University of Bath in partnership with Bath SETsquared Innovation Centre, The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE),  Voscur, and CVS South Gloucestershire.

We work with Bath SETsquared Innovation Centre to provide training on the theory of change, creating a culture for creativity and the social business canvas for social entrepreneurs.  As a member of the expert pool for CVS South Gloucestershire Annie provides one to one support for social enterprises and initiatives to progress early stage ideas to a viable business model for social impact.


Introduction to GDPR

We provide an introduction the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for third sector organisations who want to understand where to start in preparing for the upcoming changes to data protection.  Our session provides a high level overview of GDPR and introduces range of resources to enable you to choose the right approach for GDPR preparedness for your organisation.  The purpose of our training is to:

  • understand if the GDPR is relevant for your organisation
  • understand what data and information the GDPR relates to
  • develop an understanding of key terminology including ‘data processing’ and ‘consent’
  • understand what the requirements are around seeking consent
  • understand which entities are responsible when third parties are involved with collecting or storing data for your organisation

Strategy and culture

Global eHealth Foundation

Cat carried out a series of consultations for the Global eHealth Foundation to determine the gaps and opportunities in the ehealth sector.  This influenced the development of a global strategy, in collaboration with Accenture.  As part of this consultation Cat met with, and interviewed, key stakeholders in international development organisations including USAID, The Rockefeller Foundation and the World Health Organisation.

Disability Snowsport UK

Disability Snowsport UK provides much needed access to sport for individuals with disabilities and changes perceptions and attitudes towards disability.  We have worked with Disability Snowsport UK to develop a progressive and forward looking strategy to support the charity to continue to grow and increase its impact.  We developed this strategy through a series workshops ensuring that all staff could fully participate in, and contribute to, the future of the organisation.  We designed and facilitated this series of workshops which covered:

  • Developing a Theory of Change
  • Defining core values
  • Setting goals and priorities

With the organisational strategy now in place we will now focus on aligning the digital strategy of the organisation to the overall vision and mission of the organisation.

Business development and fundraising support

We work with a number of clients to provide discreet business development and fundraising support.  We focus on building strong relationships with our clients to understand their culture, aspirations and motivations.  This enables us to identify suitable funding opportunities, build meaningful partnerships and prepare funding bids in collaboration with our clients.


We are a member of CoTech, a network of technology cooperatives.  We led a proposal development process for a large European funding stream which brought together a large number of stakeholders.  Central to this process was the ability to clearly communicate data, statistics and case study examples to provide a compelling case for cooperative business models as a force for disruption in the technology sector.


We support clients and national initiatives with events to bring together skills and opportunities to share knowledge, sector connections and build communities.

We launched TechforGoodBath during early 2017 as part of a wider global movement NetSquared to to promote the use of technology for good, and build collaboration amongst nonprofits, voluntary organisations, technologists, consultants and anyone with an interest in using the web for social change.  Our meetup group is also aligned to to inspire others by the potential of people and technology to power a better society.

Gender diversity in technology

We are passionate about supporting the need for more women in STEM, and particularly within the technology sector.  We are proud signatories for the Tech Talent Charter, and launched an inaugural women in tech event in the South-West during the Bath Digital Festival in October 2017.  Gender Diversity – Let’s Do This brought together 2 panels and a workshop for over 40 local organisations to map initiatives and champions for diversity in the Bath & Bristol area.  Our mission is to surface, connect and drive support for initiatives across the South-West.

Technology selection and implementation

Annie has worked across the technology sector for over 20 years and able to support organisations throughout reseach, planning and project delivery.

Prior to establishing The Dot Project we supported the development of a range of platforms including the MannionDaniels SMILE online management system; the AmplifyChange and the UK Aid Direct websites.  These projects placed the needs of the user at the centre of the technology design, creating platforms which increased efficiency and transparency for international development projects.  We were responsible for ensuring compliance to UK Government requirements and developing framework, policies & procedures for on-going best practice for digital across UX, accessibility, user research and feedback, security audit and compliance, security testing, information management and data protection.

Annie has consulted to a number of client projects on behalf of Torchbox,  leading project delivery to NHS clients to guide project delivery through UK government digital service standard.

International development

We have a breadth of experience in the field of international development which enables us to work on projects which seek to integrate technology into international development.

Cat has worked for the United Nations and international NGOs managing health care programmes and integrating technology into programme delivery across Africa, predominantly in fragile or conflict environments.   Annie has supported Digital Divide Data to identify new market opportunities and basic technology education programmes for FutureSense Foundation in Cambodia.